Juwels of the Gmunden Parish Church


When I am looking at this photo I always remember the very warm and humid day when I climbed up the Kalvarienberg hoping to have there a good view onto the parish church. And so it was. I prepared a new article for the Museum With No Frontiers  and needed an attracting cover photo. – By the way, the article can now be read here.


Most interesting is how Gmunden´s history, the history of the region and that of the church have developed simultaneously. On could say that the history of the city is the history of the parish church. The building is embedded in the city, surrounded on three sides by old dwelling houses and narrow streets. So this (s. photo above) is the one and only side from where you can catch a glimpse on it.


Entering the church you have this view – through the Gothic arch it is immediately focussed on the high altar. The look is of course always concentrated on the high altar because it is in the center of the nave, in the center of the presbytery. But this time it is another reason: there is no painting above the altar but life-size statues – the Holy Family and the three Magi adoring the Baby Christ.


The masterpiece  that was made for the church: the Adoration of the Magi group was created for an earlier high altar. Thomas Schwanthaler was the sculptor, his impressing figures have become a model for many nativity scenes up to our present day.


One of my favourites in the church is the Holy Virgin statue opposite the pulpit. One is touched by her beauty and noble gesture. It is as if she would welcome you and calm you down that you are prepared to become witness of the miracle of the birth of Christ.


©Rudi Gigler

This photo has a nice history. I found it on the Stadt Gmunden´s Facebook account and liked it because one can see the church and the chapel on the hill above in a harmonious relation. As I HAD TO HAVE the photo for the article I asked the photographer Rudi Gigler if he would allow me to use it for a charitable purpose. The answer came promptly, “With pleasure!”

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