In Ballet Class with Little Ladies

Last week I was invited to take photos during two lessons at the Ballettschule Reinisch. It was a great pleasure, not only because I am always interested in discovering talents under the young ballerinas, but also as I am enjoying everything that has to do with ballet. And because I like little ladies very much.


There were two girls more this year (photo above: number 2 and 6, from left), the others are the same. Some have changed places but almost every girl remained true to her color, be it turquoise, light blue, rosy, pink or lilac. Only one girl has changed from rosy to turquoise (number 7 on the photo above = number 5 on the photo below).


Very concentrated working with Karl Reinisch (see the two photos below). By the way, it is always a little bit more concentrated when the teacher is near.


One can see the difference comparing with the last year´s photos – the moves are quicker, the poise is almost ballerina like and the girls are carrying on without stopping (if my memory serves me well).


A big challenge, the split. Not yet 100 percent perfect (s. photo below). Who cares? Who can resist this smile?


There was the same smile for me (yes, I was there, see photo below, me in light blue and light grey on the right in the far background) when doing a backbend (the girl in the middle of the first row).


At the end of the lesson there was a kind of quadrille and dancing in couples (s. photo below). One can see how much fun it was and how the girls like to dance.


This (s. photo below) is the way to say goodbye before the summer holiday – blowing a kiss to the the teacher to say thank you for what you have taught us during the last year.


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