How to Become a Chef


For many years I have been cooking for my husband and me and since always I wanted to do it like a chef. I have been collecting cookbooks by the best chefs, starting with Austrians, Italians and English, until I was ready for the best: the most sophisticated French cuisine and their stars Bocuse, Robuchon and Ducasse. The more interested I became in vegetables the quicker I landed in the USA, as they have achieved a big climax in this kind of culinary art.


As I have always loved vegetables (I am a born vegetarian, was forced as a child to eat meat as “you have to eat everything put on the table” and spent hours to choke it down) and not only vegetables but the wide diversity of plants, I was always interested in how to prepare the most refined dishes made of it. Some years ago I found Matthew Kenney Cuisine. Matthew Kenney is a plant based chef who runs many restaurants all over the world, who has published several cookbooks and has offered cooking courses in the USA, and in Venice what I really thought was in Europe (hahaha!).


Matthew Kenney has a beautiful and sometimes naughty 😉 Maine Coon cat called Rumple who I am befriended with, and I think it was her – or was it Matthew? – who developed an online course for refined veggie cuisine. I was over the moon, enrolled immediately and then … our cat Topolino became seriously ill (he is healthy now) and my husband had to undergo a knee operation, in coronavirus times (!). Not only were the surgery and the hospital stay (pleasant like in prison) stressful but afterwards he couldn´t walk for some weeks. So I hadn´t had my head clear for starting the course. Now that everything is over I started it and it is so much fun!


The first task was to restock the vegetable pantry and to top up the kitchen tools, particularly the cutting department – knives, peelers, mandoline and cutting board. I had almost everything in my kitchen except a chef´s knife (I purchased yesterday), and some of my kitchen tools weren´t any longer presentable on photos. Now they are. – If you became jealous as you always wanted to become a chef too, enroll the course here. It is big fun and an enrichment what concerns preparing and enjoying meals in your home!


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