How Many Baroque Beauties are there in Upper Austria?


As some of you will know, I have been working for some months with an international online museum to do research about the most interesting baroque buildings in Austria. It is very important to write articles about to help to increase the size of the database and to recall the monuments for everybody. Of course, I am not only writing about but also taking photos, to be able to explain what the building makes so important under Austrians baroque architecture.


The actual article is about the Holy Trinity Church in Stadl-Paura. Watching it from this side (s. photo above) one soon realizes that there is something special what the ground floor concerns. If it was a rectangle there would be a building section on the right side. But nothing can be seen. The answer is: it is built on a triangle base. And why? … To get the astonishing response, please read the article.


There is a magical light in the church. It comes in through the windows, through the lantern and – one would think – from spotlights next to the altar paintings. No, it is always and everywhere natural light because … – find the answer here. – The fresco paintings around the three altars and the fittings are magnificent. Mighty pillars frame the altar niches with illusionistic columns, statues and entablature.


A view of heaven. Of course only of a tiny part of heaven. It seems for many people (and for me) that heaven must be Baroque. To prove that the idea is right, please watch the good old movie “Der Brandner Kaspar schaut ins Paradies” (“Brandner Kaspar looks into Paradise”). You needn´t speak German to understand it, the pictures speak for themselves. The funniest part is the scene set in Paradise.


The whole fresco painting in the dome (s. photo above) in the most beautiful colors and flooded by the most harmonious light. One can imagine to feel comfortable there. Can´t one? – It must have been heaven on earth when Abt Maximilian Pagl, a Benedictine from Lambach Abbey, didn´t only build the church but also a children´s orphanage. As he was a generous man, he charged the same popular architect Johann Michael Prunner to build the house for the poorest.


To come back to the question how many Baroque beauties/buildings are there in Upper Austria – you may look forward to reading articles about the monasteries in St Florian, Kremsmünster, Lambach, Garsten, Gleink, Baumgartenberg and and and …

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