Every Year the Same Diet Failures and the Same New Year´s Resolution (by doctor Gisela Heldt)

What? New Year is over. Right. Now you can hear and read everywhere that it is time to lose weight. Every spring when we expect that temperatures reach hopefully 20° C, the diet industry is becoming very busy. Who wants to be overweight? Who wants to wear tent-shaped pullovers when it is warm? We have been going out of our mind. Who knows Elizabeth Gaskell´s sentence, “I do not listen to reason … reason always means what someone else has got to say”? Our mind formed by diet industry tries to make us believe that losing weight is reasonable.

Live and eat natural like this baby hare and stay slim forever

Live and eat natural like a (baby) hare and stay slim forever

It is of course a good idea for many people to lose some pounds, but the method how they do is very unhealthy. Thinking that losing weight = healthy makes us believe that taking weight-loss products must be healthy too. Yo-yo effect is always mentioned by the producers to make “sure” that the offered diet doesn´t only make you slim, but even makes that you stay slim forever and that there will be no yo-yo effect.

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If you eat vegan and follow the recipes of the Medici&More diet you will not only become slim. You will stay slim and will stay slim forever. You need not think about losing weight at a certain time of the year: to become so slim that you can present yourself in a bikini in summer or in a festive ball gown for the New Year´s reception. Eating vegan is of course not yet the guarantee to drop a dress size. Even on that field a very aggressive diet industry has emerged to offer everything the buying public “needs” or what they think to need. The offerings of vegan foodstuff in health-food shops, in supermarkets and in the shops on Internet assumed vast proportions. Caution, however – the food is nothing for those who want to lose weight.

The baby hare in a calm moment with his father

The baby hare in a calm moment with his father

Even vegan chocolate or chocolate creams contain fat, sugar, nuts, emulsifiers and flavours. A vegan chocolate bar has as many calories as every sweet. In a vegan salami there is a lot of sugar and fat as well as yeast extract that must not even have an E number. Salt in yeast extract has similar chemical composition like sodium glutamate (E 621) – it is supposed that it blocks the feeling of satiety and makes one permanently feel hungry. And we are speaking only about one vegan processed food. Many people are very content that they must not abstain from usual (processed) food. Sausage, meat and cheese can be replaced by vegan ingredients and look and taste almost like the “originals”. Do we really want eating this? (to be continued)


Vegan products are like all “food products” processed food! Tens of thousand years ago – up to only some two hundred years ago – man only ate natural food. Canned food was then invented for a very good reason: as a soldier support in the field. They should have something to eat wherever they were. Human body is a natural thing and needs natural food. When you are eating fresh and natural food you do not only feed your organism but offer some thousands of extras like vitamins, minerals, trace elements and vitalazing substances. This keeps you and your cells “fresh”, healthy, slim and young.

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