Daydreaming is very easy and you need not ask a (psycho)therapist to help you. Try to remember a happy moment – a party, an excursion with your family, a promenade with a friend. Start the adventure! It is easier than you think. Sometimes it will happen that you are daydreaming and you do not even know. The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, there is a special scent in the air that reminds you of … a day in your childhood? A holiday at a lake? Or in the mountains …?

A good place for a daydream

A place that invites to daydreaming

And what if the sun is not shining? It is cold, wet and foggy and there is no bird that helps you to turn to dreams? You can help yourself. And how? Below you will find tips how easy it is to start daydreaming. You literally can do it on your head. First, try to find out where you want to be. Where is the most beautiful place in the world? Where in your life was it wonderful? Where were you happy? Where did you have fun with family or friends? In the garden of your grandmother? At the seaside with a friend? If there are photos, find them and look at them. You will remember a very special moment and suddenly relive it.

If I want to daydream I help myself in thinking about stays in Italy or in France. I “am” very often in the park of Versailles or on the Piazza San Ignazio in Rome. Google Maps made it possible. There are 3D-views of Rome, London and Paris, of the palace and the park of Versailles. Unfortunately this service doesn´t always work. What now? Watch a movie on youTube of the place you want to be. You will find numerous films or documentaries showing whatever you want to have a look at. Concerning Rome, I would recommend to watch Roman Holiday – beautiful!!! (Audrey Hepburn and Rome) Or the funnier later version Innamorato Pazzo with Adriano Celentano and Ornella Muti (could not find the English title of it, hopefully there is one …).


What Paris concerns … There are quite a bit movies about, so that it is hard to name only two or three. Early ones are An American in Paris and – at least five – with dearly beloved Audrey I*): Funny Face, Love in the Afternoon, Charade, Paris When it Sizzles and How to Steal a Million. You can find many movies with stories set in Paris searching by actors like Leslie Caron, Cathérine Deneuve, Gérard Dépardieu, Juliette Binoche, Audrey II**), Fabrice Lucchini and and and … You simply must see all of them if you love Paris.

I am very interested hearing about more places and of course about more movies about favourite places … Please let me know where the places are that invite you to dream.

  • *) Audrey I = Audrey Hepburn
  • **) Audrey II = Audrey Tautou

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