Children and Culture - Part III of an Experiment at Stift Admont


Hard to believe that this funny and most interesting photo shooting happened almost three months ago. I still have this beautiful day in mind – beautiful not because of the weather, but because there were four marvelous children I had never met before with whom I visited three exhibitions within three hours. The most impressing thing: they stayed interested the hole time.


The photo above has a nice story – not only that the children were allowed to touch the flying artwork, I was smitten with the painting in the far background. Mag Barbara Eisner-B* (photo above, 2nd f.l.) who guided the children through the Collection of Modern Art told me it was by Franz Grabmayr. Franz Grabmayr! He was not only a very important abstract painter but a longtime neighbor from our family when I was a child. I remember very well that one had to be very quiet when passing by the door of his apartment: hush, there is an artist working!


Laetitia (7), a perfect model for every exhibition, chose this painting to pose with the catalogue every child had got to remember our day visiting the many exhibitions at Stift Admont.


Marlen (7) wanted to pose with this artwork (s. photo above) and with that too (s. photo below, left, by the way it is one of my favorites by Claudia Hirtl**). – The funny thing is that all paintings chosen were matching with their models, even with their dresses.


Julia (7, photo above, right) chose this artwork and took another pose to present her catalogue. Very mischievous her funny smile. – Anyway, our children and art event was a big success and we are planning much more. Much much more. Stay tuned!

*Mag Barbara Eisner-B does communication and field dynamics consultancy for Stift Admont.

** Claudia Hirtl, Untitled or the Inner Life (1994).

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