14. Juni 2019 ⋅ Ballet, Healthy Living DSC_5352_bearbeitet-1

The Opera Graz Invites You to “SELBST GETANZT”* on Saturday, June 15th, 2019

Big opportunity to experience yourself as ballerina/ballerino on stage

3. Mai 2019 ⋅ Art&Architecture, Ballet, Healthy Living DSC_6473_bearbeitet-3

Recital and Dance Performance in Graz – A Poet´s Love by Robert Schumann

Viola Stingl is Doing her First Choreography

9. November 2018 ⋅ Art&Architecture, Ballet DSC_5669_bearbeitet-1

A Very Good Match: Medici&More and Fashion

Jackets in purple and blue and red and orange …