19. Juli 2019 ⋅ Art&Architecture, Ballet, Fashion, Theatre DSC_6814_bearbeitet-1

An Enchanting Photo Shoot with Viola for Stajan

And the proof why our ballerina model also would be a good actress

12. Juli 2019 ⋅ Art&Architecture, Ballet IMG_1359_bearbeitet-1

Unique Occasion for Lovers of BAROQUE OPERA

Opera Festival Teatro Barocco 2019 in Baden (July, 14th to August, 17th)

14. Juni 2019 ⋅ Ballet, Healthy Living DSC_5352_bearbeitet-1

The Opera Graz Invites You to “SELBST GETANZT”* on Saturday, June 15th, 2019

Big opportunity to experience yourself as ballerina/ballerino on stage