Ascension Holiday

The blog takes a short pause for the Ascension Holiday. So many friends and readers are traveling around. It is May, even in Middle Europe the weather becomes nicer and only few are interested in Internet lecture. Very good so. Go out, enjoy the nature, walk, ride, run or make ballet exercices 😉 as I do (enjoying nature AND making ballet exercices).


If you are somewhere where it is raining, enjoy the rain! The nature, the flowers, the trees, the rivers – and eminently you – need the water. By the way, nature looks freshly cleaned and much more dramatically and colorful under dark clouds. And it is always exciting to see the sun coming back or blinking behind the clouds.


If you want to get more for body and mind take a walk in a park and visit an exhibition. You find everything in Stift Admont (s. photo below), an abbey in Styria. Beautiful flowers and plants are cultivated, there is a herb garden too and a nice pond nearby with ducks and swans.


An advance notice for you dear readers: an interesting article about something very special and most precious at Stift Admont is to be read soon (by the way the photo above was the first I posted on the blog, almost two years ago). Stay tuned! And don´t forget to walk around, to enjoy nature, architecture, art and life!


In Stift Admont´s herb garden very favorite flowers of mine – Bergenias. My beloved grandfather had them in his garden, bordering the whole thing along the fence. There were millions of rose, lilac, red, light blue and white flowers. Totally after my fancy. My husband, a very talented hobby gardener, knows this very well … guess what colors illuminate our garden?


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